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Not since the oil crises of the 1970s has the cost of energy been given so much attention.   Going Geothermal Makes More $ense Than Ever!   A Murano home, vacation property or investment offers the benefit of environmental responsibility, substantial utility cost savings and a great central location.

At the Murano we take our responsibility of protecting the environment seriously, which is why we chose to create a Green building from the very outset.   That responsibility begins with choosing a mature residential land-site with easy walking access to all the amenities as well as quick access to public transit.   We started thinking green from the conceptual design stage, through construction and on to a sustainable future with the Murano as your home.

At the Murano, we are dedicated to creating an environmentally friendly home that maximizes the efficient use of energy, water and other materials. Here is a list of examples:
 Geothermal heat and air-conditioning that maximizes the use of heating and cooling from the Earth below. Not only is it efficient and environmentally friendly, it also minimizing your monthly strata fees and utility costs.

 In addition to heating and air-conditioning, Geothermal technology also provides your hot water.

 The Murano embraces 'Healthy Envelope' building design by using Green and Sustainable products such as HardiePlank.

 Energy efficient double-glazed low E windows, with triple-glazed on the North side.

 Energy efficient appliances including 'low consumption' stackable front loading washer & dryer.

 Maximum use of natural lighting throughout each suite.

 Energy saver lighting in most common areas.

 Water-wise landscaping including plants that not only minimize water needs, but also generate minimum plant trimmings.

 Each suite has its own bike storage space. These spaces are separate, secure and away from your parking stall.

 Paints that are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), for healthy indoor living.

 CRI approved green label carpet in suites and common area.

Everyone says "Go Geo!"

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told reporters that he sees gasoline and other energy prices continuing to rise over the next few years.   May 21, 2008

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the US Environmental Protection Agency state that geothermal systems are the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning systems available on the market today.

The Murano geothermal system will reduce green house gas emissions by approximately 125 metric tonnes per year.   That's equivalent to taking 30 cars off the road or planting 15 acres of trees!

Of course doing good deeds for the environment affects all of us in a great way, but geothermal is good for your pocketbook too.   Remember, the developer bears the entire cost of the installation.   This means, the geothermal system is fully paid for before you purchase your suite.

Geothermal provides virtually free heating, air-conditioning and hot water... for ever.   Heating and cooling cost for your Murano suite are part of the strata fee, that are as low as $90.82 per month for a one bedroom suite.

Geothermal is not only the right thing to do - it's the smart thing to do!   For more info visit our Geothermal web page.

We Dare You!

We invite you to check out the competition.   Compare the affordable housing that the Murano provides with other similar condo living.   Consider our fantastic location, our dedication to Green, our spacious layouts, our large private decks, our low strata fees, and more.   The Murano gives you real value at affordable home pricing.

When making your comparison ensure that the green initiatives aren't add-ons, or that geothermal is being purchased from neighbouring sources, owned by third party companies or financed after you purchase with high strata fees.

Take a look, and then feel confident that at the Murano your home and your investment is a smart choice.

For more information, check out our BUYERS GUIDE.   We Dare You!

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The Murano is centrally located in Kelowna, BC a beautiful Okanagan valley community.  Ideal luxury living at an economical purchase price, the Murano offers 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom and den, 2 bedroom and 2 bedroom and den units.  Besides being nested in a 4 seasons playground, Kelowna boasts a vibrant cultural centre, parks, beaches, boutique shops, professional offices, shopping centre, all within minutes of the Murano.

Natural Geothermal Energy

"Renewable forms of energy, like geothermal, emit little or no greenhouse gases and will play an increasingly important role in our national response to the climate change challenge."

Ralph Goodale, Minister
Natural Resources Canada

Think Globally, Act Locally

With the certainty of raising energy costs and the scientific evidence linking green house gas emissions to global warming, geo-exchange technology has become
the first choice.

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Murano, a 'Green Building' - offers condominiums and townhomes of uncompromising quality, sophistication and style, located in the heart of Kelowna, BC.  An Okanagan residential property nested in a four seasons playground with near by amenities, golfing, skiing, boating and an array of other year round out-door activities.
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